Hello, my name is Marcel Hauri.

I'm an award-winning Magento developer and e-commerce specialist.

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About me

Marcel Hauri

I don't like defining myself through the work I've done. I define myself through the work I want to do. Abilities can be imparted, personality is innate. I prefer to continue learning, to challenge myself and to do interesting things that are important.


BDK Luminaires SA
hajk Scout & Sport AG
Furrer+Frey AG
Ineltro AG
Ribag AG
KVT Fastening AG
LANDI Schweiz AG
Gimota AG
Otto Schoch AG
Klotz AIS
Semadeni AG
Mechafin AG

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If you have a problem that needs to be solved, an online store that needs to be rescued or just want to say hello, send me an email.